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Site News/Updates

  Nov 5th Sorry for the down time last month. Its seems I have a 512MB download limit for this site and we hit it 3/4 of the way through the month. Since I don't really have the money to pay for web services I am temporarily making this site 2nd generation only and hopefully get some web space for the other generations. Sorry. It has been so long since the last update because I currently only have internet access at work. A couple more pictures are added as well as a new cleaner look. To navigate the site use the menu in the gray bar at the top.  
  Sept 19th Here is a description of the 2002 Camaro line up  
  Aug 15th A few more pictures up. Thanks to everyone who sent them in. Sorry for the lack of updates but we just moved and I lost my fast internet and am back to modem dial-up. Yuck! Also I bought an 1988 Ford Taurus wagon and having fixing it up a little lately.  
  July 24th More pictures up.  
  July 7th Got a few more pictures up.  
  July 4th Well its almost a month later and I have finally completed the last update. Sorry about the delay. All generations are now sorted by year with some stats and links for most years. I am still don't have a lot of 3rd generation years so they are a little sparse. If you have any pics send them to me at dave@camaro.8k.com. Thanks. In other news I sold my Mustang GT and got my Camaro out of winter storage. Feels good to driving the Camaro again but I must admit I miss the A/C that the Mustang had. I also found a preview picture for the 2002 Camaro special 35th anniversary edition. Check it out here.  
  June 5th A huge update with some new pictures added and cars now listed by year  
  April 15th Found anthor picture of my old Honda Civic and added in My Cars section  
  Mar 23rd A couple more pictures added including a bizzare 4x4 Camaro  
  Mar 12th A picture and link added  
  Feb 24th More pictures added.  
  Feb 22nd More pictures added.  
  Feb 10th Thumbnails added to gallery for easier viewing.  
  Feb 10th More pictures added to gallery  
  Feb 1st Exclusive Camaro Screen Saver posted in the gallery.  
  Jan 29th New look to interface